Entry: Changes... Saturday, January 15, 2005

The only thing that remains constant in the world is change. Whether we like it or not, life is rife with it.

And right now, the band is undergoing a lot of it.

Murray can no longer devote enough time doing lead guitar duties because of personal reasons. As for Joy, she will be taking up Nursing this year. Likewise, she could no longer dedicate most of her waking life to sing for the band.

Be that as it may, we move on.

Finding a lead guitar player is never easy. We’ve asked Roy (a close friend of ours) to fill in. Although we haven’t got definite affirmation yet, here’s hoping he’ll say yes to our offer.

As for the vocalist replacement, Tessa—a former schoolmate of ours—has agreed to lend the band her amazing pipes. Mischievously dishy and blithe, she has already done sessions with the band and so far, she’s doing quite good. Hopefully with a new guitar player, we’ll be able to continue with the songwriting for the album.

P.S. Many thanks to the following people:
for the cd (it was great), eLa for the follow-ups (sorry for the delayed entries—procrastination made me do it) and guilelessly bonny Kitchie Nadal for a great Cebu gig.

- Guile


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February 8, 2005   10:15 AM PST
Ishokay! ^_^ Basta siguraduha lang na mag-show mo dinhi sa Manila pag-uli nako. Hehehe or naa ko free autographed CD sa inyong band and uhm, ay ambot. hehe
felipe pinheiro
February 6, 2005   07:59 AM PST
My name is Felipe, I'm brazillian..
My blog have a your comment..about the song of the white stripes...blablabla
The real reason is the first international comment in my blog...
I'm so curious for the sound of the Squirrel talk..
I never listen about that band...
Show me how to meet it

My english is horrible..sorry
January 19, 2005   12:55 PM PST
Hmmm... interesting! Ah, change. What people may see as crisis, others may see as opportunity.

As for the CD, you're welcome. :-)

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