Entry: A New Name, A New Beginning Tuesday, February 22, 2005


We finally have a name. It took us roughly a month to pick one, but it was well worth the wait.

We scrapped the contest idea for two reasons:

  • Setting up a gig integrated with a "name-the-band" gimmick would take a lot of time, and would stir focus away from song-writing. We badly need all of our weekends, as well as every extra time in between, to perfect the arrangement of our songs.
  • We have gotten some offers for the album's funding. We need an identity so that we can start developing our marketing materials (press kit, web presence, the works).
So, after much debate on such top choices as: "The Murray Agenda", "The Nocturnes", "10:45", "Conundrum", "Communing with Julie", "Chimera", "Fuselage", etc., our Cebuano pride finally won over. We wanted a name that highlights our Bisaya roots, and yet "sounds exotic enough to actually not sound baduy" (quoting Guile here). Hence came "Hastang".

For those of you who don't know any Bisaya, please feel free to ask your Cebuano friends. And for those of you who are as Bisdak as all of us in the band, let me just say, "Hastang Kulba-a!"

So with that, I am proud to invite you all to drop by our new blog:


We've all been pretty busy lately, so the site is still bare at this point. But don't worry, I already told Guile that he has until Friday to write an entry, or else...Hehehehe.

Anyway, this is our last entry as Squirrel Talk. It's been an exciting journey. But it was just the beginning...

Rock on,


September 27, 2012   09:39 PM PDT
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June 24, 2012   05:30 PM PDT
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February 22, 2005   01:54 PM PST
*pays my last respect to Squirrel Talk... moving on to Hastang!*

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